Goode’s Coaches provides safe and reliable transport to hundreds of students each school day in the Tumut Shire. Our school buses service the following local schools: McAuley Catholic Central, Tumut High, Tumut Infant and Primary, Franklin Public, Gadara Special School, Adelong Public & St Joseph’s Adelong.

School bus services

Our school services run from the following areas:

  1. Batlow to Tumut
  2. Brungle to Tumut
  3. Bondo to Tumut
  4. Gilmore to Tumut
  5. Lacmalac/Goobragandra to Tumut
  6. Talbingo to Tumut
  7. Tumut Plains/Blowering to Tumut
  8. Yaven Creek / Ellerslie to Tumut
  9. Yaven Creek / Ellerslie to Adelong
  10. Mt Horeb to Tumut
  11. Wondalga/Adelong to Tumut
  12. Tumut Town
  13. Tumorrama to Tumut
  14. Gundagai to Tumut

* Passengers other than students are always welcome to commute on the services.

Eligibility for Free Student Transport:

Eligibility for free bus travel is determined by the NSW Ministry of Transport and is based on the student’s school year and the distance from their home to school. The following criteria applies:

  • K-2 travel for free regardless of distance.
  • Years 3-6 students must reside 1.6 km, taken in a straight line, from school.
  • Years 7-12 students must reside 2.0 km, taken in a straight line, from school.
  • TAFE students must reside 3.2 km, taken in a straight line, from the campus, be under 18 years of age at start of year and be enrolled for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

If you are ineligible for free travel and your child has a medical condition, or you are suffering financial hardship, or you believe the walking route to school is dangerous then you may appeal to the Ministry of Transport.

For help with any issues regarding school bus travel please contact our office.